Thursday, July 3, 2008

Most Wanted Items

Here is a quick reference list of props and wardrobe I would like to find TO PURCHASE for my collection. Please drop me a line if you have a lead on any of these items! I will add screencaps of specific items as I find them...this list will be updated as needed. Battle on!

Solari's Amazon wardrobe from "The Quest," Season 2.
Eponin's Amazon wardrobe from "Hooves and Harlots," Season 1.
Meslina's Amazon wardrobe from "Path of Vengeance," Season 5.

Flying Horses painting from The Ring, Season 6(Gab notices it and asks the norseman about it when she first arrives in the northland in search of Xena)
The Dagger of Helios from "The Quest." A different style dagger was used in Season 5, even though it was also called the Dagger of Helios.
The small wooden Map book that Autolycus takes from the temple when he steals the Dagger of Helios in "The Quest."
Any of Xena's coffin pieces from The Quest (I have one but would like to find more: FOUND A SECOND PIECE!).
Xena's riding outfit from When Fates Collide, Season 6.
White colored Horsehead dagger from "Them Bones," Season 5.
Xena's red outfit from "Chakram," season 5, especially the jewelry.
Any of Gabrielle's scrolls or any quills, especially the Kiss scroll from the Rheingold and the MHR scroll that Xena gives Gab for her birthday (MHR SCROLL FOUND!)
Any horse-themed or horse-related items from any episode

Retractable or stunt weapons of any kind
Dinars or dinar bags
Any original production material including continuity photos, call sheets, film cels, storyboards, drawings, costume swatches, etc. Crew items such as party invites, shirts, etc. No xeroxed items or other reproductions.
Xena's sword in resin
Raven lock from the Ring trilogy
Lock from the cabinet holding the Dagger of Helios in The Quest
Amazon quiver, or arrows
Xena and Gab multicolored blanket, seen in many eps such as Legacy, Many Happy Returns and is usually visible anytime there is a campfire or evening scene where they set up camp
Eve's swing that Xena made
Amazon bird sword
Gab's FIN armor and blue robe
Autolycus's lock pick
Aphrodite's purple vase/bottle
Gab's red lantern as shown in pic above
Anything worn or used by Jeremy Callaghan (Pompey/Palemon)
Wooden goblets or tankards, set dressing plates or bowls
Gabrielle's blue outfit worn at the end of the Haunting of Amphipolis
Varia Flashback necklace from "Path of Vengeance."
Wardrobe hangers from the set
Amazon mask: FOUND!